Thursday, November 3, 2016

BREAKING RECORDS!! 2016 Early Voting – Week 2 – Day 3

Here are the early voting totals to date and it’s official…. WE BROKE OUR OWN EARLY VOTING RECORD….

Here are the totals following yesterday’s voting.

For November 2, 2016
Location – Voters (2012 Voters)
County Clerk’s Office – 161 (105)
Rockdale Juvenile Justice Center – 147 (132)
Buckholts Community Center – 18 (28)
Thorndale VFW – 62 (36)
Ballot by Mail – 12 (13)
Limited – 3 (0)
Military – 0 (0)
Total – 403 (314)

Up-To-Date Totals
Location – Voters (2012 Voters)
County Clerk’s Office – 1948 (1722)
Rockdale Juvenile Justice Center – 1579 (1218)
Buckholts Community Center – 208 (170)
Thorndale VFW – 631 (359)
Ballot by Mail – 491 (295)
Limited – 19 (3)
Military – 19 (16)
Total – 4895 (3783)

The 2016 to-date total of 4895 has already broke the 2012 total number of 4752 early voters and we still have two days of early voting left. To add to those already high totals, we also have maintained pace at 30% ahead of 2012 numbers, and as of yesterday, over 33% of all the eligible voters in Milam County have already voted.

Someone made the point to me that some of those voters might be voting for the other side and there is truth in that; however, with the rather lethargic voting turnouts we’ve had the last few years, I am excited to see us moving in the right direction.

Keep up the awesome work!!

Two more days of Early Voting left, so get out there a vote. 

As a note, the polls will close early on Friday to allow everyone the opportunity to attend services for Porter Young. Our condolences go out to his family and many friends.


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

2016 Early Voting – Week 2 Day 2

After the Tuesday’s Early Voting polls closed, we are closer to going over the 2012 mark but still a bit shy; however, what a huge leap in voter turnout we are having overall this year. I got a call today from on the folks at the state party and they have taken notice of the vote here in Milam County. They are very impressed at our voter turnout considering there are no contested races on the local slate.

I told them, “that’s because Milam County Voters pay attention to what’s going.”

Here are the totals following yesterday’s voting.

For November 1, 2016
Location – Voters (2012 Voters)
County Clerk’s Office – 133 (147)
Rockdale Juvenile Justice Center – 153 (115)
Buckholts Community Center – 23 (20)
Thorndale VFW – 53 (36)
Ballot by Mail – 2 (8)
Limited – 0 (0)
Military – 0 (0)
Total – 364 (326)

Up-To-Date Totals
Location – Voters (2012 Voters)
County Clerk’s Office – 1787 (1617)
Rockdale Juvenile Justice Center – 1432 (1086)
Buckholts Community Center – 190 (142)
Thorndale VFW – 569 (513)
Ballot by Mail – 479 (282)
Limited – 16 (3)
Military – 19 (16)
Total – 4492 (3469)

Pretty good stuff folks. Well over a thousand more have voted in this year’s election than at the same time in 2012. Hopefully that holds steady.

I have received some more calls about faulty voting machines and such. Let me say once again that we have not had any erroneous votes, nor have we had any machines changing votes. I would offer that we all should check our ballots before we press the “Cast Ballot” button. As always, if you are not sure about something please ask one of the election officials to help you out, they are there to help you.

We have had some reports of voters coming to the polls with less that helpful attitudes and I would just ask each of us to take the time and give the election workers a chance. They are all hard-working folks who are out here to help us vote, not take any abuse.

Early Voting continues through Friday, November 4th, followed by Election Day this coming Tuesday, November 8th.

Thanks Again,

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Sign of This Election!

Sign found recently in Rural Milam County.

For a while it was a chore to get some Trump/Pence signs but we finally did. As a matter of fact, in past years we have only ordered about 200 yard signs for the presidential race and usually had some left over. This year we have had to order them twice and are still running low.

Part of the reason is the demand, but part of it is the blatant vandalism by those who do not agree with the Trump candidacy.

Now as many have been keen to go after the Dems for this sort of shenaniganry, I will not do as my local county Dem counter-part habitually does and resort to some namby-pamby name-calling rant about how the other party is the most terrible thing incarnate of the world.


I’ll just tell you this is the worst year on record for GOP signs to be vandalized in all sort of manner. I’ve seen people paint on the signs as shown above. But this year they have resorted to drawing some items that would be more appropriate for a sign belonging to a Democrat like Anthony Wiener.

Heck, some of these hooligans had the time to steal a Trump sign, cut it into the shape of Anthony Wiener’s favorite body part, and then put it back where they got it.

Honestly, if it wasn’t so vulgar, the cutting on the signs might be worth leaving since the cutting draws added attention to the signs – But we are better than that.

But we are better than that……AND, even if someone wanted to vandalize a Dem sign…...GOOD LUCK FINDING ONE!!!

Anyway, it’s been a tough year on signage…. Unless you’re a sign maker.

Signing Off,

2016 Early Voting – Week 2, Day 1

A good start to the second week of Early Voting and as usual, the second week tends to slow down a bit. But regardless of the slowdown, we are still moving ahead and should break our records for Early Voting sometime today or tomorrow.

For October 31, 2016
Location – Voters (2012 Voters)
County Clerk’s Office – 176 (146)
Rockdale Juvenile Justice Center – 152 (128)
Buckholts Community Center – 18 (15)
Thorndale VFW – 65 (35)
Ballot by Mail – 21 (20)
Limited – 1 (2)
Military – 1 (2)
Total – 434 (348)

Up-To- Date Totals
Location – Voters (2012 Voters)
County Clerk’s Office – 1654 (1470)
Rockdale Juvenile Justice Center – 1279 (971)
Buckholts Community Center – 167 (122)
Thorndale VFW – 516 (287)
Ballot by Mail – 477 (274)
Limited – 16 (3)
Military – 19 (16)
Total – 4128 (3143)

Currently, nearly 29% of Milam County Voters have already voted in this year’s election. AND we are still above the 2012 totals by over 30% and on pace to easily break the 5,000-voter mark during Early Voting.

When I go to state function and meetings, one of the primary qualifications for a county in how the state and federal folks look at us is how many of us vote. The higher the voting percentage in a county the more interest those in office take in us.

In an election like this year’s election, this is where we make our mark. Are we always looked at as a small county, or as a county where an overwhelming majority of our population get out and vote to make a difference? This is the most important election in the history of our country and it’s up to us all to get out and vote to make that difference.

Early Voting is open until Friday, November 4th. Election Day will be Tuesday, November 8th throughout Milam County. I will list the polling places in the next few days, but remember, you can vote in any of the Milam County Locations…so go out and Vote!!!



Monday, October 31, 2016

2016 Early Voting – 1st Week Totals

As we enter the second week of Early Voting for this year’s General Election, here are the numbers. I am excited about these numbers as it truly shows how serious we are taking this election here in Milam County even without any locally contested races.

First Week Totals
Location – Voters (2012 Voters)
County Clerk’s Office – 1478 (1324)
Rockdale Juvenile Justice Center – 1127 (843)
Buckholts Community Center – 149 (107)
Thorndale VFW – 451 (252)
Ballot by Mail – 456 (254)
Limited - 15 (10)
Military – 18 (14)
Total – 3694 (2795)

As of right now, our voting numbers at staying around the 30% mark higher than in 2012.

After only the 1st week of this year’s Early Voting, nearly 80% of those that voted early in 2012 have already voted.

Keep up the great work.

Early Voting continues in Milam County through Friday, November 4th.

Thanks Again,

Thursday, October 27, 2016

2016 Milam County Ballot

Someone emailed me to ask where they could find a sample ballot for the General Election.

I know it was printed in the newspapers and I believe it is online on the site; however, I figured I would put it on this blog as well.

This is the ballot for Precinct 1 voters. The state and federal ballot is the same; however, each precinct has some precinct specific races and none of the local races are contested. If you’d like to see the list of Republicans running for local, state, and federal offices you can go to and check there.

Here are the two sheets that comprise the ballots. If you can't read on them you should be able to click on them to enlarge them.

If you have any questions or concerns you can always email us at



2016 Early Voting - Day Three

As we enter Day 4 of Early Voting for this year’s General Election, here are the numbers. Once again they are impressive here in Milam County as they are throughout the state and country.

For October 26, 2016
Location – Voters (2012 Voters)
County Clerk’s Office – 257 (180)
Rockdale Juvenile Justice Center – 191 (154)
Buckholts Community Center – 37 (16)
Thorndale VFW – 68 (49)
Ballot by Mail – 41 (10)
Military – 0 (0)
Total – 594 (409)

Two Day Totals
Location – Voters (2012 Voters)
County Clerk’s Office – 763 (663)
Rockdale Juvenile Justice Center – 706 (512)
Buckholts Community Center – 89 (53)
Thorndale VFW – 243 (156)
Ballot by Mail – 410 (232)
Limited - 2 (0)
Military – 14 (12)
Total – 2227 (1628)

Those number are exceptional and show just how motivated Milam Country is this year to get out and vote in this HUGE Election.

As of right now, our voting numbers at nearly 37% higher than in 2012.

After only 3 days of this years Early Voting, 47 % of those that voted early in 2012 have already voted.

Keep up the great work and remember, if you can't make it during the week then there will be Early Voting this Saturday, October 29th, from 7 am to 7 pm at the County Clerk's Office in Cameron.

Thanks Again,

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Early Voting - Day Two

Well the second day of early voting has concluded and the number of voters is really setting some new high water marks for the entire country and things are no different right here in Milam County.

Here are some of the stats here in Milam County after two days of Early Voting.

For October 25, 2016
Location – Voters (2012 Voters)
County Clerk’s Office – 245 (223)
Rockdale Juvenile Justice Center – 243 (177)
Buckholts Community Center – 36 (21)
Thorndale VFW – 91 (41)
Ballot by Mail – 4 (17)
Military – 0 (2)
Total – 621 (481)

Two Day Totals
Location – Voters (2012 Voters)
County Clerk’s Office – 506 (483)
Rockdale Juvenile Justice Center – 515 (358)
Buckholts Community Center – 52 (37)
Thorndale VFW – 175 (107)
Ballot by Mail – 369 (222)
Military – 14 (12)
Total – 1633 (1219)

As you can see we are on a tremendous pace to break some Early Voting Records here in Milam County, even without any contested races in the local elections. Currently, Early voting is alread7 33% more than in 2012, that's pretty impressive!!

On the issue of malfunctioning machines, refer to my blog from yesterday where I addressed this issue. In summary, the issue comes when a voter uses the straight-ticket selection. 

If you vote straight-ticket, the machine will need you to select "Cast Ballot" more than once in order to count your vote. In the past it only took selecting "Cast Ballot" once to do so; however, now it will require you to view the summary before actually casting your vote to make sure you actually want to use the straight-ticket selection.

As a rule of thumb, make sure you see the completion screen with the flag on it before you vacate the polling booth. If you don't see that Flag Screen then ask for help, the Election Staff will be more than happy to assist you.

So let's all get out and vote. vote Early or on Elections day but please do go out and vote.


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Early Voting – Day One

As we all know, this year’s Presidential Election is anything but normal.

After looking at opening day totals, I would like to thank everyone for all their support. The first day or early voting saw large numbers of voting throughout the state and Milam County is no different.

Below I have posted the voting totals for yesterday below and the 2012 totals of Milam County Voters.

For October 24, 2016
Location – Voters (2012 Voters)
County Clerk’s Office – 261 (260)
Rockdale Juvenile Justice Center – 272 (181)
Buckholts Community Center – 16 (16)
Thorndale VFW – 84 (66)
Ballot by Mail – 365 (205)
Military – 14 (10)
Total – 1012 (738)

The total of 1012 voters casting ballots yesterday represents nearly 7 % of the eligible voters in Milam County. Not bad for the first day of voting

The number of voters voting yesterday was a 137% increase from the 2012 election and we have already received 15 more ballots by mail than the total received in 2012.

With these numbers showing up all over the state and country, it would appear 2016 may break all records for voter participation.

Early voting runs through November 4th and the County Clerk’s office will be open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Saturday, October 29th for voting as well. You can vote at any of the locations.

There are still a limited number of Trump signs available, email me for directions on how to get one.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at or at 254-482-0354.


Voting Machine Issues

Good Afternoon,

As we move through early voting I am already receiving phone calls of voting machines that are not registering votes correctly.

Currently we are not having any machine issues. The issues that folks have called about concern straight-ticket voting so let me explain how that works. Since you are straight-ticket voting and not selecting each candidate individually, the voting machine will make you look over the summary page before it allows you to cast your ballot. If you try and cast the ballot too quickly then it will make you verify your selection and possibly select the “Cast Ballot” button again.

Apparently, this is a verification step to allow each voter to verify that they are indeed voting for whomever they want and not skipping a down-ballot race they might have wished to vote in.

I would recommend that everyone take their time and use care when voting to make sure your ballot counts as cast.

If you have any concerns or thinks something is out of the ordinary, please contact one of the following; myself at the number below, the Milam County Clerk’s Office at 254-697-7049, or you can call the Ballot Integrity Hotline at 512-766-4597.


Bill Whitmire
Republican Party of Milam County


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Saturday Meeting in Rockdale - August 13, 2016

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that this Saturday, at the Rockdale branch of Citizens National Bank (104 E. Cameron Ave) there will be a training meeting for GOP Leaders and those interested in helping the party.

The meeting will be led by the SD-5 SREC leaders with folks from the RPT helping to lead the training.

I would invite anyone interested in the workings of the RPT and electioneering in the coming year.

Meeting starts at 10:00 AM.



Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Do They Really Need the Water?

Over the years, and recently far-too-often, Milam County and like other rural Central Texas counties have been made fully aware that the ground water we enjoy is greatly coveted by the ever growing Urban areas that surround us. With the I-35 Corridor between Georgetown and San Antonio being one of the fastest growing areas in the entire country, urban water usage is an ever-growing issue that threatens all of the surrounding regions water sources.

Be it the “Oppose the San Antonio Hose” signs around Milam and Burleson Counties to the morning conversations of the coffee drinking farmers and ranchers of the area, the water grab is a major topic of concern to many folks in rural Central Texas. If the water was required to meet the needs of an increase in population that would be one thing; and while that is the claim by those in power, that isn’t the entirety of the reason. NO, there are other, less-necessary issues that cause this requirement for water like water parks, HOA’s and Golf Courses to name a few.

Water parks are the epitome of first-world ridiculousness. They already abound all along the I-35 corridor here in Central Texas with more of them on the way. Not too very long ago it was enough to have the multiple lakes and rivers around Central Texas; however, now we need the added benefit of a water park every few miles to make it easier to get to watery fun!

Home Owners Associations have become the norm over the last 50 Years or so. And with those HOAs come the inevitable requirements for a well-watered and manicured lawn. Regardless of the drought conditions, the lawns in the neighborhoods must be maintained. If water usage and conservation was truly a concern of law-makers and developers along the I-35 corridor, then more communities would be embracing low water use lawn systems like other areas of the Southwest United States. Instead, they still continue to worry more about the appearance of their beautifully marketed green neighborhoods than they do the water they are wasting.

Lastly, there are golf courses. Now before anyone jumps the shark and deems me an anti-golf tree-hugging loon, let me assure you nothing could be farther from truth. I love playing golf. I’m not any good at it, but I love the game. That said, this is a tremendous waste of water in urban areas. At my count there are at least 16 full-sized golf courses in Williamson County alone and there are a couple more on the way. Now don’t get me wrong, I love golf, but in all honesty it is a huge waste of water in an area that apparently can’t sustain its own water use.

To Summarize, if simple population growth was the main reason for this water grab, then most rural residents in Central Texas would be less apprehensive; however, it’s far from that simple. These few examples are just the tip of the iceberg, but they easily demonstrate how the first-world excess the urban areas “require” can create a demand for rural water that is far an above that of mere sustainability. And remember, rural water is a must when you think that most of it is used for the very agricultural necessities those same urban areas require.

Surf’s Up!


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Milam County Health Department

Yesterday during Commissioner’s Court the members voted on turning over the Milam County Health Department to the Texas State Department of Health Services Region 7 control. This proposal had been tabled for a while to allow the county commissioners to research the issue and touch base with their constituency in order to make an informed choice.

Yesterday, after a short discussion the topic was voted on and it was agreed to keep the status quo and continue to operate as the Health Department has since its inception in the 1940’s.

Prior to and following the vote, many folks have asked me what is the position of the Republican Party of Milam County on this topic. Officially, the local party has not convened to discuss the Health Department and therefore has no stance on this issue. For me to offer an opinion on this topic as the party’s stance would be a disservice to those who work so hard for the Republican Party of Milam County.

I will say that the Republican Party of Milam County is fully supportive of the process the County Commissioners’ Court used to explore this plan, research the issue, and then make the decision they felt was best for the people of Milam County.

On a personal note, as a Republican I believe in a representative form of government where the elected represent and govern based on the beliefs and values of the constituency that elected them. Regardless of the social welfare arguments, big-government/small-government issues, or any other such politically-fueled squabbles, the important issue is that those with the authority to make decisions do so in a manner the best represents and serves those that elected them to public office.

In this case, I personally believe the Commissioners’ Court got both the process right and the decision right; however, if you disagree there is always another election coming up in the future.

See you at the polls!!


Friday, April 1, 2016

Milam County Resolutions for the State Party Platform

Every two years, county political parties conduct Precinct Conventions and a County Convention in preparation for the State Convention held every two years. During the Precinct Conventions, Resolutions are considered and if passed, are forwarded to the County Convention.

During the March 19th County Convention, the Resolutions Committee considers the resolutions passed from the Precinct Conventions and they are presented to the Convention for passage. Those resolutions that are passed are then sent on to the Texas State Convention for consideration and possible inclusion in the State Platform.

This is why the Precinct and County Conventions are so important if you really want to be a part of the process of how the parties work. Below I have included the resolutions that were passed out of the most recent Republican Milam County Convention.


1.       Resolution One - Delegates to the RNC National Convention
be it resolved THAT for the Republican Party, no delegates having voting power within the nomination framework shall exist without being selected by or bound to a vote from the primaries or caucuses of the States which they represent; that no unpledged “super Delegates” currently exist or will ever be created to interfere with the states intent of the people.

2.       Resolution Two – Campaign Finance Account Limitations
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Campaign accounts of candidates, whether elected or not, should only be allowed to be opened for a finite period of time rather than the current system which allows candidates to keep their campaign accounts open for an unlimited time period. Accounts may be open and funds may only be raised from a time period of four (4) months prior to the filing period for an election and that all accounts must be closed out in a timely manner following the end of a candidate’s campaign, regardless of the outcome.

3.       Resolution Three – Total Delegates to the State Convention
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Convention of the Republican Party of Texas has become too cumbersome to manage properly with the current number of delegates allowed to the convention; therefore, the number of Delegates should be reduced to a more controllable number of delegates from the state with a system being similarly based on the number of gubernatorial votes from the counties; however, the numbers should then be reduced on a curve where the county with the largest number GOP Gubernatorial votes would receive fifty (50) delegates and the remainder of the counties would have their delegation determined based on a percentage of that same calculation with no county receiving less than three (3) delegates.  This process would, reduce confusion and disruption at the convention, lower the cost of the convention, provide a wider variety of venues for the convention to be held, and increase productivity of the event.

4.       Resolution Four – Congressional Term Limits
BE IT RESOLVED THAT service in the Texas State Legislature and the United States Congress should be controlled and restricted by a set of term limits. The terms of service would be limited to the length of time as laid out below.
Texas State Legislature – Total Service of eight (8) years.
            Four (4) terms in the State House;
or Two (2) terms in the State Senate;
or Two (2) terms in the State House and one (1) term in the State Senate.

United States Congress – Total Service of twelve (12) years.
Six (6) terms in the U.S. House;
or Two (2) terms in the U.S. Senate;
            or Three (3) terms in the U.S. House and one (1) term in the U.S. Senate.

5.       Resolution Five – The Reorganization of the Texas House of Representatives
Be it Resolved that we urge the Texas Legislature to enact legislation amending the Texas State Constitution to allow the Texas Senate to continue to be districted based on populations, but require each member of the Texas State House of Representatives to represent two (and only two) geographically-attached counties defined by a like rural or urban population size, thus reducing the size of the House from 150 members to a total of 127 Members while presenting a geographically based house of the legislature.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Milam GOP is NOT Endorsing Anyone!!

Just to clear up a few items. A couple of times this election season I have allowed and even written a few posts on here seeming to express a point of view on certain candidates, their actions, and/or presenting the view that one candidate is endorsed over another, for that I apologize.

This page should be about the Milam GOP and issues, events, or other occurrences that are generally informative and not of the partisan nature. If any of the candidates feel, or have felt slighted this primary season then I do apologize, that was truly not our intentions.

Other than the candidates for POTUS, I think we as a local county party should stay neutral and fair to the candidates. That is as long as the candidates keep on topic and don’t spend their time going after their opponents.

Most all of our local races have been fine; however, a couple of times this election season some of our candidates in the state races have crossed the lines and while I have attempted to point out those issues. I realize now that I should have stayed out of it and let the candidates handle this on their own.

I do not and will not endorse any Primary Candidate over another, I will help to inform anyone who asks a question, but I do not believe I would be doing my duty to the candidates in conducting fair and civil elections if I were to endorse one candidate over another.

For the record, I have not and will not be endorsing anyone in the 2016 Primary. If I gave the impression of endorsing one candidate over another, then I apologize for that.

Again, I apologize if anyone has been offended or felt this page not to be fair; that was not, and will never be our intentions here in the Milam GOP Leadership. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.



Milam County GOP Convention - Be A Part Of The Process!!!!

Milam County GOP
Precinct/County Conventions

Date: Sautrday, March 19, 2016

Place: Yoe High School Preforming Arts Center Cameron, Texas

Time: 9:00 a.m.

Precinct Conventions start at  9:00 a.m. immediately followed by the County Convention.

For more information, contact Bill Whitmire, Milam GOP County Chairman at or at 254-482-0354.

Sunday, February 28, 2016


48 hours from Election Day and I couldn't be happier. For as long as I have been doing this I have learned so much this year; about people, campaigns, and the silent (and not-so-silent) sometimes treacherous activities that constitute an election season.

I have tried to keep everything civil and fair only pointing out the extreme issues that were made public. Believe me, the behind the scene issues have been pretty "interesting" to navigate. I apologize to anyone who has been offended by anything that has happened this primary season, for the Milam County GOP we try to steer clear of the fray, but it's not always so easy.

I applaud the local Milam County candidates for working hard to stay true to our pledge of civility in local politics. The state and federal races can sometimes make that difficult, but at the local level we have done a fairly good job and remaining civil with each other.

Good luck to the candidates. I thank them all for their volunteering to put themselves up for this often time arduous endeavor to serve their fellow Milam County neighbors.

Now it's your turn. Get out Tuesday and vote. Everyone has a vote, and every vote matters!! While so many of us complain about government infringing on their rights, sadly voting is a right that far too many people fail to use.


Go Vote!!!


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

February 4th Milam County Reagan Day/Texas Independence Day Dinner

Good Morning to All,

I hope everyone is having a great start to their 2016.

We are closing in on the Reagan Day/Texas Independence Day Dinner to be held on February 4th, which is next Thursday. Currently ticket sales are going well, but we want to pack the house.

This year’s event will feature the five contested races we have locally in Milam County, and the two major state and national campaigns for the State District 20 House seat and the U.S. House seat representing Congressional District 17.

All of the Congressional candidates will be represented next Thursday as well as many other statewide candidates for offices like the Railroad Commission, State Courts, and the Texas Board of Education; SO we need to pack the house to show that Milam County cannot be taken lightly when making decisions in state and federal government.

I know the lion’s share of the attention is focused on the Presidential Race; however, regardless of the policies and views of the Presidential candidates, actual policy and law is formulated and created by those we send to Congress, not the White House. This is your chance to meet those candidates, question those candidates, and formulate your own decisions on who you will vote for.

AND, the local candidates need your support at this event as well. This year the Sheriff and Tax Assessor-Collector’s offices are contested races along with the County Commissioner, Precinct 3 and Constables in Precinct 1 and Precinct 2.

I can’t stress how difficult it can be to get good quality folks to run for office. Many people don’t want to run for office because they feel being in publicly elected office is a difficult and thankless job that no one cares about. The best way to inspire those thinking of a run for office and show them you do care is to get out and show your support at events like the Reagan Day/Texas Independence Day Dinner.

Like I said, we need great attendance for this event so let’s make sure you are one of those who attend. There will also be a live and silent auction. AND THE FOOD!! Remember, the food will be outstanding with the Kostroun’s catering their fantastic Prime Rib Dinner and Bob Terry’s Shrimp appetizers. I’ve had many a state and national candidate tell me the meal alone is worth the trip!!

Tickets are $50 and are available from any member of the Republican Women of Milam County. The women will be available tomorrow night, January 28th from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the Budget Host Inn & Suites in Cameron; OR get in touch with me and I will be happy to get you set up.

These are indeed important times for the country and we need all the help we can get, so come out next Thursday and support the candidates, the GOP, and most importantly the Republican Women of Milam County with their only fundraiser of the year.

I’ll See Ya There!!