Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 22nd and All's Well!!

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to touch base briefly to give you two pieces of information.

First, following last night’s early voting, the totals are as follows here in Milam County.
136 Democrat Votes
896 GOP Votes

So for those keeping track, we have already reached the highest number of early voting ballots cast in a GOP Primary in Milam County History and we only need 783 more primary votes to break the highest number of total votes in a GOP primary ever here in Milam County.

Now it’s time to finish this early voting off strong by Getting Out the Vote. Get your neighbors, your family, and your friends and let’s get them to the polls and really shake the world this election period. There are only three more days of early voting after today and then the Election Day on May 29th. Everything is looking so good and I appreciate everyone’s efforts. Milam County is really showing Central Texas folks what a Republican Revolution looks – now let’s finish the deal

Secondly, and as part of finishing off the primary period, tonight is the Milam County Tea Party’s monthly meeting scheduled for 6:00 pm tonight at the Milano Community Center located across from the post office in Milano. There will be some state representatives and a representative for one of the U.S. Senate candidates along with several of our local candidates. So come on out and meet with us, and most importantly meet with them to answer your questions.

Thanks everyone for the support you have shown for our Republican Candidates and I look forward to seeing you all soon.


Friday, May 18, 2012

May 18, 2012 Early Voting Update!!

Hello Everyone,

It has been a very exciting primary season so far for the Republican Party here in Milam County. 20 candidates and seven contested races are making for some excellent vote totals. So without further adieu, I thought I would give you some of the figures.

Overall 87% of the voters in Milam County are voting in the GOP primary. That’s right, in a county where just a mere two years ago people were still claiming that to get elected in Milam County you had to run as a Democrat, 87% of the voters are voting in the Republican Primary! To date (as of last night) the totals votes for the primary are as follows:

Total Democrat Votes: 97

Total Republican Votes: 640

Here are some other interesting facts to check out.
- This year’s early voting has already surpassed the early voting for 2010 and has nearly tripled the early voting totals in the 2008 primary.

- In regards to overall primary votes, as of last night we are just shy of 40% of the entire number of primary voters for 2010 and we are nearly at 90% of the total number of primary voters in the 2008 election.

- This year’s primary voting has already reached third place all-time for total voters in a Milam County GOP primary and it is entirely possible that we will crush the all-time high of 1678 set in 2010.

There are six more days of early voting counting the end of today, so get out and vote. Get your neighbors and take them to vote. Get your spouse and get them to vote. Bring your kids in from college and have them vote (mine are doing so next Friday). Call your friends and get them out to vote. Most importantly, just “Get Out The Vote!!”

Remember Tuesday night May 22nd. The Milam County Tea Party is looking for a good turnout to meet the candidates and talk to them all. The meeting will take place at the Milano Community Center across from the US Post Office in Milano. If you’re a voter then come listen to the candidates. And if you’re a candidate then come on out and speak with these highly motivated voters.

Take care and I’ll be in touch with more information as it comes available.

Have a Wonderful Day!!