Monday, December 31, 2012

Tomorrow is the Day!

After over a year of hard work, tomorrow is the day when we can celebrate a little as we will have a swearing-in for those taking office here in Milam County. So come on out to the Milam County Courthouse at 10:00am in the District Court Room as our candidates will be sworn-in giving Milam County 14 Republicans holding local office!!

I remember three years ago several folks (actually lots of folks) telling me that we were crazy for setting out to create a Republican Revolution here in Milam County and now here we are with a majority of Republicans in local office and a GOP majority on the County Commissioners Court – AWESOME!

So come on out tomorrow morning, yes I know it is New Year’s Day and there are a lot of things going on, but come on out tomorrow morning to give our candidates some more support and to congratulate them on their victories and thank them for their efforts to serve us all. I know I am always amazed at the time and energy involved with the candidates running for office but the amount of time and efforts they put into the job once elected is even more impressive. So come help them enjoy their day tomorrow.

There will be no formal party following the swearing-in but many of us will be gathering at the Cameron Country Club to get some lunch following the ceremony so please feel free to join us!!

See You There!!