Friday, November 30, 2012

First 2012 Swearing In!!

New Milam County Treasurer, Republican Donna Orsag, being sworn into office by County Judge David Barkemeyer this last Monday, November 26, 2012.

Congratulations to Dona Orsag as she was sworn in Monday as the first elected Republican Treasurer in Milam County history!!

Donna was sworn in early as she was elected to finish the unexpired term as Treasurer following her Election Day Victory. If you get a chance go by and congratulate Donna on her election win and wish her luck as she takes the reigns as Treasurer.

Congrats Donna, and Good Luck,

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Hangover is OVER!!

I have given everyone a rest, for the most part, but now it is time to get back to work. Here in Milam County Tuesday night was a good night to be a Republican as we carried the load for the GOP by taking 10 out of 11 local races and carrying Milam County for every elected spot on the State and Federal ballot including all four spots on the 3rd Court of Appeals. Even Mitt Romney carried nearly 70% of Milam County.

But even with the great success Tuesday night was for the Milam County GOP, the United States is still in turmoil. And NO, it’s not just because as a country we re-elected Barack Obama as President, but because for all the talk of a faltering government in Washington, we voted as a country to essentially send the same people back to Washington to do the same job (or lack thereof) that they have not been doing for many years that has the United States in such a mess.

What we needed was a new direction in Washington and since Tuesday all we have been hearing is more of the same. It is true that we are approaching a fiscal cliff the likes this nation has never seen; unfortunately, we have a dysfunctional leadership vacuum in Washington that appears to still remain even following the most expensive elections ever on record.

Now I am a principled Republican and I agree with the conservative principles of the GOP for the most part and while I am unmovable in my core beliefs, I also understand that we have a country to run and we must do what is best to govern; that is not what has been happening for at least the last four years….actually, more like the last 8+ years.

We all get it; the Republicans are conservative and the Democrats are liberal; the Republicans believe in plan “red” and the Democrats believe in plan “blue.” But let’s be honest, neither of those two plans are going to make it through, what we need is a plan “Purple” that blends to two plans into an agreeable national plan that allows our country to improve and not to regress as we have the last few years.

And it is possible – It’s Called COMPRIMISE!

Compromise has been given a bad name in recent years as it is thought of as giving up on your ideals – BUT IS IT? Can’t we see compromise as a spirit of cooperation to create a successful piece of legislation that will get through the legislative process and help govern the country?

No one has to sacrifice their beliefs on an issue, just maybe take the time to compromise a little in the negotiation process to move forward. You bring your ideas and beliefs to the table as a basis for the negotiations and then you agree to create legislation that will accomplish what is best for the citizens and the country.

This can be done and has been done before. In the 1980’s, President Reagan learned to work with a democrat legislature by passing tax reforms and immigration reforms that occurred even with the “Iran-Contra” affairs having taken place. In the 90’s Bill Clinton was able to work with a Republican Legislature that passed welfare reform and balanced the budget even after he had been impeached.


What we need is leadership – Good, Positive Leadership!! We need positive Leadership from the President that seeks to work with the congressional leadership in a bi-partisan manner that benefits America and not demigod a certain class, race, sex, or any other demographic for political expediency. We need Leadership from Senator Harry Reid that allows the Senate to vote on legislation coming from the House regardless of his feelings on the legislation and how he believes the senate will vote on it. We need Leadership from John Boehner that doesn’t just tote a party-line but reaches across the aisle in a manner that shows that he can treat the Democrats in the House in a manner that the Republicans in the Senate would like to be treated. As a matter of fact, we need all of this from all the leaders in Washington.


As Americans, we agree to disagree about certain issues and to have enough respect for those differing opinions that we do not degrade an individual for having them, but work with those individuals to find common ground and work in a manner that benefits us all.

No one came out of last week’s election with a mandate; everyone came out of the election still an American and as such we need to work together to make this the country we all want it to be. President Bush had a mandate early in his presidency as did President Obama – it doesn’t exist anymore.

Following last Tuesday’s vote, the government in Washington is truly a government of the people; and the government of the people needs to govern for the people – not for themselves or their parties.


I’ll put my soapbox up now,

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Milam County Election Results!!

Okay Everyone, I hope you were able to get some sleep last night. While I am sure many of you are a little disappointed in the results of the Presidential election, I think the thing to work towards is the future and how our other elected officials perform in Washington.

Only the legislature can keep everything moving. So whether your representative is a Republican or a Democrat is not what is important. What they are able to get done in the next two and/or four years is what is important. Remember, Reagan spent eight years dealing with a Democrat majority in the legislative branch and Clinton with a Republican majority and they were still able to make things happen.

Be motivated to stay on your elected officials and PRAY!!

So without further adieu, here are the results of last night's election here in Milam County. I will post the percentage won in the state and federal races and the actual results in the local races. Republicans carried every race in Milam County except the Precinct 4 Constable's race. (Remember, Red is for Republicans)

Straight Ticket
2,099 (58.37%) - GOP
1,446 (40.21%) - Democrat

District Judge, 20th District Court
4,944 (60.74%) - John Youngblood
3,196 (39.26%) - Hollis Lewis

District Attorney
4,213 (51.74%) - Bill Torrey
3,930 (48.26%) - Kerry Spears

County Tax Assossor-Collector
5,307 (65.54%) - Kolette Morgan
2,790 (34.46%) - Tommy Grimes

County Treasurer
4,580 (65.70%) - Donna Orsag
3,498 (43.30%) - Linda Aacosta

County Sheriff
David Greene, Unopposed

County Commissioner, Precinct 1
1,512 (75.94%) - George Tomek
479 (24.06%) - Ricky McCall

County Commissioner, Precinct 3
1,578 (70.86%) - John Fisher
649 (29.14%) - Andy Jackson

Precinct 1 - John Anderle, Unopposed
Precinct 2 - Charlie West, Unopposed
Precinct 3 - Jay WIllingham, Unopposed

Constable, Precinct 4
949 (47.55%) - Fred Keefer
1,047 (52.45%) - Giles Summerlin

5,478 (66.63%) - Romney/Ryan
2,632 (32.01%) - Obama Biden

U.S. Senator
5,059 (63.10%) - Ted Cruz

U. S. House District 17
5,594 (85.02%) - Bill Flores

Railroad Commission, Full Term
4,750 (60.80%) - Christi Craddick

Railroad Commission, Unexpired Term
5,324 (82.24%) - Barry Smitherman

Justice, Supreme Court
Place 2 - 5,388 (85.61%) - Don Willett
Place 4 - 5,213 (82.34%) - John Devine
Place 6 - 4,493 (58.27%) - Nathan Hecht

Court of Criminal Appeals
Presiding Judge - 4,707 (61.09%) - Sharon Keller
Place 7 - 5,256 (83.20%) - Barbara Parker Harvey
Place 8 - 5,149 (82.29%) - Elsa Alcala

State Board of Education
4,774 (61.87%) - Tom Maynard

State Senator, SD-5
5,424 (83.76%) - Charles Schwertner

State House, District 20
5,718 (100%) - Marsha Farney

3rd Court of Appeals
Place 2 - 4,827 (63.35%) - Jeff Rose
Place 3 - 4,666 (61.11%) - Scott Field
Place 5 - 4,718 (61.71%) - David Puryear
Place 6 - 4,991 (65.00%) - Bob Pemberton

Well that's the entire list from the results last night. Republicans now hold 14 of the 20 elected offices in Milam County. Not too shabby for a party that had never had a candidate win a local Milam County Race until 2010.

Thanks for all your work and support. I get a lot of credit for the political change in Milam County but the truth is without your support, both monetarily and physically, none of this would be possible.

Thank You All,

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Get Out and Vote!!


Well it’s a little after 5:00 and we are closing in on 7:00. I have been burning up the roads today checking on all the polling locations and planting signs to help our candidates and it’s all coming down to these last few hours.

If you haven’t voted then come on out and do so, you still have some time.

If you have already voted then check with your friends, family, and neighbors and get them out to vote.

In short:


This is it, all the work we have done in the last year comes down to today so get out there and make it count.

I’ll at Bea’s Kitchen this evening watching the election results come out. Come on by if you’ve never been before. If you can’t be there then listen to the radio or check out the blog. I will be updating it and FaceBook as the night goes on.



Today is the DAY!!

About a year ago we started laying out the foundation and planning a campaign. It has been a great deal of work all in hope that we would enter today’s General Election with a Straight Ticket Ballot that the voters of Milam County could select and hit every spot on the Ballot – WE’RE HERE!!

If you haven’t voted then please get out and do so. If you have, then go out and make sure all of your family, friends, and neighbors get out and vote.

I can’t stress how important it is that we have success in this election. While Texas is almost assuredly going to go for Romney, I’m really concerned about other states like Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Iowa, and Florida. If you know someone in a swing/battleground state then get on the phone and get them out to vote.

Of course I am going to stress the importance of Straight Republican Ticket Voting and how vital it is in showing unity and in hitting all the conservative spots on the down ballot. We need a strong county government and conservative 3rd Court of Appeals.

On the 3rd Court of Appeals we need a Scott Field, a Jeff Rose, a Bob Pemberton and a David Puryear to help us maintain a strong conservative constitutionalist court. We need to elect these men to the court and not a biased partisan group of Liberal Democrats more interested in re-writing legislation than enforcing it.

So far this morning I have seen long lines of voters and that is great. I encourage you all to GET OUT AND VOTE!!

More to Come!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Tomorrow's the day to GET OUT THE VOTE!!

Well tomorrow is the day of truth. The day we find out whether or country, state, and county will be headed in the right direction or taken on the path none of us want to see.

For all the latest on the election and what is going on in Milam County keep track with this blog. I will be posting on the road today and tomorrow with important updates, pictures, and results.

If you haven't done it yet VOTE!! If you need to, take a friend, family member, or neighbor and tell them to VOTE STRAIGHT TICKET GOP!!

1 Click and You're DONE!!

Early Voting ended Friday with a record number 4752 Milam County Voters hitting the polls early. That means that to date, 34% of Milam County’s registered voters have already voted….HAVE YOU?

Don’t let the wrong people get elected here in Milam County because you didn’t vote. Last election we had a Republican win office in Milam County winning by 21 votes and in this year’s primary we had one candidate win by 25 votes. So if 30 people in either of those elections had decided not to cast a vote.


I will be posting as often as I can in the next few days so stay tuned and share the blog so others can be informed. We need to GET OUT THE VOTE!!


Saturday, November 3, 2012

When is misconduct justified? UH NEVER!!

With all the commotion made about the Milam County District Judge’s race, Liberal Democrat Hollis Lewis has insisted with a new radio ad from an “unattached” third-party that he did nothing wrong as District Attorney and acted in a manner that benefited Milam County – REALLY!!

The ad tries to discredit incumbent Judge John Youngblood as too inexperienced to continue on as District Judge; however, in actuality, Judge Youngblood’s background and expertise are comparable to his predecessor whom recommended Judge Youngblood as did many other well-respected community leaders and state and federally elected officials. And I doubt anyone would be so bold to challenge or discredit Judge Magre in a similar manner as they have Judge Youngblood.

But the question remains that if Mr. Lewis is so well qualified to serve as District Judge then why didn’t he apply to be appointed to the position? There’s really little wonder when you take a stroll through the Milam County District Clerk’s offices.

When your behavior as an elected official receives a mistrial from the court you are serving as District Attorney (and the court you are wishing to be the judge of), followed by an official reprimand from the State Bar of Texas, you are definitely NOT doing the citizens of Milam County any favors and anyone with a modicum of decency would know so. The truth is that if Mr. Lewis had been acting in an ethical and honorable manner as District Attorney then the people of Milam County would not have voted him out of office!

But since there are a few in Milam County who wish to overlook the poor conduct of Mr.Lewis then I am happy to oblige them and post copies of the official documents from the District Clerk’s office here on this blog. These are public records which anyone can look up in the Milam County District Clerk’s office, as well as those at the State Bar Association, so I am not posting anything privileged. It just seems that these documents need to be made more easily available since there is a disinformation campaign going on in support of Mr. Lewis.

As a result, today I am posting the District Court’s FINDING OF FACT AND CONCLUSION OF LAW in a case from March of 1997 when Mr. Lewis was acting as Milam County DistrictAttorney.

Decide for yourself!!



Friday, November 2, 2012

A Waste of Texas Home-Schoolers' Money!!

So today I've been told the voters of Milam County are receiving robe-calls from Tim Lambert attacking Judge John Youngblood....Again.

Well let's talk about this!!

The Texas Home School Coalition is filled with many excellent people and their ultimate goal is to be admired; the education of children. But Mr. Lambert is a political lobbyist of the worst degree and is simply using whatever influence he has for fundraising. I have spoken to many home schoolers in Milam County and they have spoken with Judge Youngblood and they are satisfied. Obviously the judge cannot comment on the case too much, but those who came to speak with him left their meeting with an understanding.

Tim Lambert represents himself as a champion of the people and of freedom, but in actuality he is an opportunist who is sensationalizing something for the purpose of fundraising and attempting to spread his influence by attacking elected officials with half truths and insinuation in the hopes of intimidating them. His charges do not represent the truth and his actual knowledge of the subject matter of this trial is limited at best.

For him to make this ascertain and endorsement without contacting the Milam County GOP is insane. Both of My Vice-Chairs are home-schoolers and we have many active members of the Milam GOP who are home-schoolers. If anything he should have contacted us so we could discuss this.

If he had, maybe we could have helped him out and kept him from wasting money supporting an ultra-liberal Democrat over a solid conservative incumbent. Maybe he could have used that money to promote the actual home-school agenda rather attack a sitting conservative Republican. That's pretty shameful for someone who likes to flaunt his status as a former national committeeman to the Republican National Convention - Shameful!!

If you would like some more information on this I wrote about it on my blog the other day. You can find it on this site.

Only 4 more days left!!