Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New County Comissioner

Congratulations to Richard Watkins on his appointment to fill the office of Precinct 1 County Commissioner until the November General Election. Milam County is thankful for your stepping forward to serve out the remainder of this term.

With the resignation of County Commissioner Balch and the removal of his name from the ballot it has become necessary for the Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Milam County to select a replacement for Mr. Balch on the November General election ballot.

The media outlets that have reported that Mr. Watkins has already been selected as the nominee to represent the GOP on the November ballot have done so in error. As a point of correction, while Mr. Watkins will surely be considered for the vacancy as the Republican nominee for this, the nomination meeting has not yet occurred. Currently a meeting for this purpose has not been set but will be in the near future. At that time the Milam County GOP Executive Committee will set out the guidelines for consideration and will decide who the nominee will be.