Wednesday, May 18, 2011

An Important Reminder!

Sometimes I find it necessary to restate the mission statement of the Republican Party of Milam County, especially when it is challenged as it has been this last week or so. I also find it important to reread it myself from time to time to keep the goals for which we are all working so hard fresh on my mind. I am reminded of them every time I go to our Party website; I hope they speak to you as well.

“Milam County Republicans are working for Milam County based on the values and principles of the people who live here and work here. We are beholding to the people of Milam County and not the national or state party.

The government in Washington D.C. has lost its way and taken the country in a direction that is not representative of what the framers of our constitution had in mind. To be honest, this is a situation that has existed for many years. To change this out-of-control government we must have strong conservative leadership; that leadership begins at the local level.

As the Republican Party of Milam County, our goal is to work to make Milam County government efficient, ethical, and cost-effective. We aim to work for an improved county-wide infrastructure and enhanced economic prosperity while retaining our community identity for the betterment of the county as a whole.

We are Republicans because we are Conservative. We are Conservative because we are from Milam County and those are the values we were raised with, live with, and believe in. Now is the time for Milam County residents to stand on those conservative values that represent us.”

Thank You all,

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sheriff David Greene joins the GOP!

On behalf of the Republican Party of Milam County, I would like to welcome Sheriff David Greene and thank him for his valued leadership in making the decision to be a part of the conservative movement in Milam County.

A movement built on the beliefs and values held by the people of Milam County and not simply to an ideology formed by a state or federal party.

We honor Sheriff Greene’s principal goal of serving the citizens of Milam County while representing his true conservative beliefs and we are proud of his decision to change his party affiliation to the Republican Party of Milam County.

Welcome Sheriff Greene,

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Milam County Redistricting!

Milam County Redistricting is almost complete and in what is looking like a record time compared to those counties around us. Kudos to our County Judge and Commissioners for their hard work and dedication to getting this done in a timely and transparent manner. If you haven’t seen the redistricting maps then head on over to the county website and take a look ( By the way, the county website is up and has received very nice reviews from those who have used it.

The redistricting meetings were well received and all those in attendance were generally happy with the outcome of the redistricting maps. Many were very thankful for the actual opportunity to have an open and public forum to review the maps and question the members of the commissioners’ court about their reasoning for making the changes.

By getting the preliminary maps out on the county website, Milam County citizens were able to view the maps and give their feedback to the commissioners and Judge Barkemeyer thereby allowing changes to be made that meet the needs of Milam County Voters. Problems addressed, concerns tackled and suggestions acted on; all concepts of working with the public that is allowing our County Government to act swifter, work harder, and become more efficient.

Thanks for a job well done!!