Thursday, July 15, 2010

A "Conservative Democrat" - Part 2

So Bill White, a supposed “Conservative Democrat” wants your vote for him. Bill White wants you to believe that he is a true conservative, even though he was a willing advisor to Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign; and since Obama’s election to the highest office in the land, Bill White has continued to advise Obama on a Cap and Trade policy that will cripple the Texas economy that is home to the number one business market of any state in America.

Bill White is a willing accomplice to the Obama agenda, an agenda that is as far from conservative principles as one can get. As talked about before, the days when someone could be a Conservative Democrat are over. But on top of that, Bill White has proven himself a liberal by his past stance on immigration, gun rights, abortion, and taxes. Many liberals try and make Bill White out to be a conservative, but it is only a smoke screen.

As Mayor, Bill White’s policies cut the number of law enforcement officers in Houston, allowed illegal immigration to flourish, and drove the city of Houston to near bankruptcy. These are the policies that are threatening our country based on the current policies pushed by the Barack Obama, the candidate Bill White endorsed and worked for in the 2008 presidential election. Bill White believed in these policies in 2008 and no matter what his campaign says in 2010, his beliefs in a liberal agenda cannot be hidden and will be put in place should he become Governor.

Texas is Strong, Independent, and Flourishing under conservative leadership that has led the way for a nation of states looking for leadership. So the question is, do you want Texas to continue to be a leader of the nation under the leadership of Rick Perry, David Dewhurst and Greg Abbott, or do you want to become a bankrupt state like California under the leadership of someone like Bill White?