Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Month After the Election.

We are now a month past the November election and I think I have finally caught my breath. I imagine most of the folks on my email list are quite happy to have a small break from the emails that became a daily occurrence. Enjoy the respite as there will be plenty more starting next year as we gear up for the 2012 primary elections, but that’s not for a while.

I wanted to thank all the candidates for their hard work and dedication. Whether they won on Election Day or not, they should all be proud as they worked extremely hard and made a real difference in the political framework of Milam County.

Running for office is an incredibly time-consuming endeavor and at times can be quite upsetting when attacked by an opponent. I am extremely proud of our candidates as they stayed the course and ran positive campaigns addressing the issues and their solutions to those issues while not giving in to the Democrats negative attacks. Thanks to them for being the example of leadership.

I also wanted to thank the Leadership of the Republican Party, the Milam County Tea Party Conservatives, and to the Republican Women of Milam County for their help, time, fundraising, and organizing. Without all these folks this election would not have had the positive results that it did.

Thanks also go out to those folks who hosted events, block walked, donated time or money, and generally “Got Out The Vote.” While the candidates were the ones who benefited from all this hard work, it is important to remember that their election was a team effort and will benefit us all in the end.

To get a start on the 2012 election, the Republican women of Milam County will be hosting their Reagan Day Dinner and Fundraiser February 10th, 2011. This will be held at the Cameron VFW starting at 6:00 pm. We will eat at 7:00 pm and our Special Guest Speaker will be Texas State Land Commissioner and Chairman of the Texas Veterans Land Board, Jerry Patterson.

If you have never heard Commissioner Patterson speak then you need to come out and experience it. He is definitely one of the most dynamic people in the Republican Party of Texas and in state government. Mark your calendars now for this event as it will definitely be a special night for us all.

See Ya Later,