Wednesday, November 2, 2016

2016 Early Voting – Week 2 Day 2

After the Tuesday’s Early Voting polls closed, we are closer to going over the 2012 mark but still a bit shy; however, what a huge leap in voter turnout we are having overall this year. I got a call today from on the folks at the state party and they have taken notice of the vote here in Milam County. They are very impressed at our voter turnout considering there are no contested races on the local slate.

I told them, “that’s because Milam County Voters pay attention to what’s going.”

Here are the totals following yesterday’s voting.

For November 1, 2016
Location – Voters (2012 Voters)
County Clerk’s Office – 133 (147)
Rockdale Juvenile Justice Center – 153 (115)
Buckholts Community Center – 23 (20)
Thorndale VFW – 53 (36)
Ballot by Mail – 2 (8)
Limited – 0 (0)
Military – 0 (0)
Total – 364 (326)

Up-To-Date Totals
Location – Voters (2012 Voters)
County Clerk’s Office – 1787 (1617)
Rockdale Juvenile Justice Center – 1432 (1086)
Buckholts Community Center – 190 (142)
Thorndale VFW – 569 (513)
Ballot by Mail – 479 (282)
Limited – 16 (3)
Military – 19 (16)
Total – 4492 (3469)

Pretty good stuff folks. Well over a thousand more have voted in this year’s election than at the same time in 2012. Hopefully that holds steady.

I have received some more calls about faulty voting machines and such. Let me say once again that we have not had any erroneous votes, nor have we had any machines changing votes. I would offer that we all should check our ballots before we press the “Cast Ballot” button. As always, if you are not sure about something please ask one of the election officials to help you out, they are there to help you.

We have had some reports of voters coming to the polls with less that helpful attitudes and I would just ask each of us to take the time and give the election workers a chance. They are all hard-working folks who are out here to help us vote, not take any abuse.

Early Voting continues through Friday, November 4th, followed by Election Day this coming Tuesday, November 8th.

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