Friday, January 24, 2020

2020 Debate/Townhall Questions

I’ve had several questions about debates/townhalls so let me answer them.

The RPMC and the RWMC have been working the last few weeks to put on a debate for candidates in the County Attorney and the Precinct 3 County Commissioners race. We are sponsoring and hosting these debates at the request of multiple individuals who have come forth and requested them. Nothing was announced before yesterday until we were close to having things sorted. As of now, we plan to host these events the second week of February at the Kay theater in Rockdale.

Yes, we are aware of other debates/townhalls by other individuals and/or groups (both announced and unannounced). It’s important for candidates to have those opportunities. We have been approached by some of the organizers of those events and talking with them to help; however, as I have expressed to those organizers, I cannot dictate to those organizers, candidates, or anyone else how to do business – only advise.

As has always been the policy of the RPMC and RWMC, we have advised candidates to avoid events not hosted or sanctioned by the state or local party. We do this in order to help candidates avoid situations and events that might otherwise be detrimental to them, their constituents, or their campaigns; however, everyone must do as they see fit. Hopefully we can work with these organizers and organizations to add more opportunities for the candidates.

This is not to say that any of the proposed or announced events will be or are detrimental, only that if they are not sponsored nor sanctioned by the RPT or the RPMC, then it is not advised that the candidates attend. With that said, each candidate is in control of their own campaign and it’s up to them to run it as they choose. We are happy to advise candidates, but we will not make demands of them and we will only get involved and make public statements when the need arises. 

I appreciate all the effort and time that goes into the organization of these events and I hope that we can work to have as many successful events as possible.

More information will be coming soon for the RPMC and RWMC debate/townhall and any other hosted and/or sanctioned event.


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