Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Sign of This Election!

Sign found recently in Rural Milam County.

For a while it was a chore to get some Trump/Pence signs but we finally did. As a matter of fact, in past years we have only ordered about 200 yard signs for the presidential race and usually had some left over. This year we have had to order them twice and are still running low.

Part of the reason is the demand, but part of it is the blatant vandalism by those who do not agree with the Trump candidacy.

Now as many have been keen to go after the Dems for this sort of shenaniganry, I will not do as my local county Dem counter-part habitually does and resort to some namby-pamby name-calling rant about how the other party is the most terrible thing incarnate of the world.


I’ll just tell you this is the worst year on record for GOP signs to be vandalized in all sort of manner. I’ve seen people paint on the signs as shown above. But this year they have resorted to drawing some items that would be more appropriate for a sign belonging to a Democrat like Anthony Wiener.

Heck, some of these hooligans had the time to steal a Trump sign, cut it into the shape of Anthony Wiener’s favorite body part, and then put it back where they got it.

Honestly, if it wasn’t so vulgar, the cutting on the signs might be worth leaving since the cutting draws added attention to the signs – But we are better than that.

But we are better than that……AND, even if someone wanted to vandalize a Dem sign…...GOOD LUCK FINDING ONE!!!

Anyway, it’s been a tough year on signage…. Unless you’re a sign maker.

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