Tuesday, November 1, 2016

2016 Early Voting – Week 2, Day 1

A good start to the second week of Early Voting and as usual, the second week tends to slow down a bit. But regardless of the slowdown, we are still moving ahead and should break our records for Early Voting sometime today or tomorrow.

For October 31, 2016
Location – Voters (2012 Voters)
County Clerk’s Office – 176 (146)
Rockdale Juvenile Justice Center – 152 (128)
Buckholts Community Center – 18 (15)
Thorndale VFW – 65 (35)
Ballot by Mail – 21 (20)
Limited – 1 (2)
Military – 1 (2)
Total – 434 (348)

Up-To- Date Totals
Location – Voters (2012 Voters)
County Clerk’s Office – 1654 (1470)
Rockdale Juvenile Justice Center – 1279 (971)
Buckholts Community Center – 167 (122)
Thorndale VFW – 516 (287)
Ballot by Mail – 477 (274)
Limited – 16 (3)
Military – 19 (16)
Total – 4128 (3143)

Currently, nearly 29% of Milam County Voters have already voted in this year’s election. AND we are still above the 2012 totals by over 30% and on pace to easily break the 5,000-voter mark during Early Voting.

When I go to state function and meetings, one of the primary qualifications for a county in how the state and federal folks look at us is how many of us vote. The higher the voting percentage in a county the more interest those in office take in us.

In an election like this year’s election, this is where we make our mark. Are we always looked at as a small county, or as a county where an overwhelming majority of our population get out and vote to make a difference? This is the most important election in the history of our country and it’s up to us all to get out and vote to make that difference.

Early Voting is open until Friday, November 4th. Election Day will be Tuesday, November 8th throughout Milam County. I will list the polling places in the next few days, but remember, you can vote in any of the Milam County Locations…so go out and Vote!!!



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