Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Republican Movement Grows in Milam County.

On behalf of the Republican Party of Milam County, I would like to welcome Greg Kouba and thank him for his decision to be a part of the conservative movement in Milam County. Greg has announced his intention to run for Milam County Sheriff as a Republican in 2012 making the primary race for the Republican nomination for Sheriff a contested race Between Mr. Kouba and Sheriff David Greene.

Both of these gentlemen understand the changing landscape of politics in Milam County as well as Texas and recognized that in today’s climate, it is okay to run based on your beliefs and values.

Thanks to the strong organization provided by the Republican Party of Milam County and most especially the Republican Women of Milam County, true conservatives are taking notice and removing the shackles of Milam County’s longtime dependence on a single party that erroneously showed Milam County to be a liberal stronghold.

Today, people know it is okay to run as a Republican in Milam County based on the conservative standards shared for generations here in Milam County and not be enslaved to a one-party system that is beholden to and promotes the ideals of the liberal progressives in Washington and Austin.

Milam County is naturally conservative and historically conservative. Now the conservatives who were left behind by the Democrat Party can run for office to serve the citizens of Milam County and feel at ease as a member of the only conservative party in Milam County, the Republican Party of Milam County.


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